The day you find out you are pregnant is a day full of emotions. For many expecting moms, it is a day of joy and excitement. Someday soon, you’ll have a little human to cradle. Pregnancy is a journey in itself. You’ll find that countless resources are available on the topic alone. You can have all the information that you need to grow through Day One until the big day.

But as labor comes closer, one topic occupies the biggest space in the mind of pregnant parents – labor. Sit down with some third-trimester mamas and you’ll know what we’re talking about. As the due date looms, worry, questions, and fears get bigger and bigger.

Let this list be your guide and reminder to help you prepare for the most powerful day of your life.

1. You Have The Power To Decide

You might hold this belief that there is only one way to deliver your baby – in the maternity ward of the hospital. But dear mama, know that there are different options for you to have your child. It’s your body and it’s your baby!

If you are healthy and at low risk throughout your pregnancy, then you have plenty of options to choose from. That includes home births and birthing pools. 

At birth centers, you can design your dream birth! Your midwife can guide you to your dream labor setting. You can choose who gets to join you on the day. Set the ambiance with music, colors, and scents. At the right birth center, you have the power to decide!

2. You Can Be Prepared

Many moms-to-be get overwhelmed by fear or worry because they are unsure of what’s to happen during labor day. The best way you can overcome this fear is to arm yourself with knowledge. Be prepared as possible by reading up on available resources on childbirth. Talk to moms who have been through a similar birth plan as yours.

At Casa Natal, we offer a special class for expecting parents. It’s a preparation class that teaches techniques for relaxation, coping, and comfort measures during labor day. You need all that you can get to learn how to ease your labor and birth experience.  Connect with your midwife and discuss the class options available for you. 

3. You Don’t Have To Do This Alone

Early into your pregnancy create a support system made up of the people you love. Have your partner, parent, or friend by your side during labor day. The World Health Organization reports that women who have a companion during labor have a more positive birth experience. 

“Companions act as advocates for the women, speaking up in support of her and her preferences. Labour companions also help women feel in control and build their confidence through praise, reassurance, and continuous physical presence.”

4. You Can Stay Active and Mobile

During your labor, it’s important to listen to your body. When we think of this day, the image that often comes to mind is of a birthing mother lying still in bed. In reality, you can be active and mobile! Moving about can help get you distracted from any discomfort you may be experiencing. Studies show that movement and staying upright can shorten the duration of your labor. 

5. Your Baby’s Birth Is Only The Beginning

As much as labor occupies the minds of soon-to-be-moms, childbirth is only the beginning. Focusing all your energy and time on the thought of labor will cause you to miss out on the bigger picture. This is a common mistake made by moms. Labor lasts for a short amount of time, but caring for a new human being will go on for a lifetime! 


Right now dear mamas, enjoy the process! Listen to your body. Build a relationship with a trusted midwife. And open yourself to an abundance of information and support. 



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