Meet the Team

The midwives at Casa Natal follow the Midwifery Model of Care, providing whole woman, evidence based care. We believe in the power of a woman’s body to grow, nourish and give birth to their baby. We also believe that this should be a special time of support and care for each woman and her family. Each midwife is licensed by the California Medical board.

“We believe in the power of a woman’s body to grow, nourish and give birth to their baby.”

Our Team

Melissa Dean


Center Director, Staff Midwife

As the Owner and operator of Casa Natal, I’m thrilled to welcome you to my space and support you through this magical time of your life. I have been supporting birthing families in our area for over 17 years. I began as a birth doula, and then realized that in order to create the best possible birth experience for my clients, I needed to be a midwife.
I am a graduate of National Midwifery Institute and have worked in both a low volume and high volume birth center setting.
I have lived and worked in the south bay my entire life. I had my own children here and have worked with birthing families since 2001. All this time I have worked to create natural options for families in my community. In doing so I began as a doula, then went to school and became a midwife to have more control over my clients’ experiences, and offer a more holistic approach than what is currently available in our area. I offer midwifery care for both Home Birth and birth at the Birth Center.

I am happily married to the best husband ever, and have four amazing , (almost grown), children, a wonderful step-son and daughter in law and a sweet grandson!

Julia Goldin



Julia began attending births in 2006 as an apprentice to a homebirth midwife in Arizona.  She completed her Certified Nurse-Midwife and Nurse Practitioner training at UCSF where she trained in wide variety of practice settings.  Julia is also a La Leche League Leader and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant with many years of experience supporting breastfeeding and lactating parents. Julia recognizes pregnancy, birth, motherhood and parenthood as rites of passage with the potential for healing and transformation that need ritual and community support.  Julia provides culturally competant care that recognizes the unique wellness needs of immigrants, people of color, and LGBTQI+ families. Julia birthed her three children at home into the hands of midwives, and her experiences through pregnancy, birth and motherhood serve as a guide and inspiration for her midwifery practice.  Julia loves spending her time hiking and playing card games with her spouse and children.

Charlette Fletcher

Student Midwife

Tara Gomez

Student Midwife

Emily Brown

Lactation Support & Educator


I have spent my life working within women and children’s health. I originally trained and worked as a homebirth midwife and doula in Boulder, Colorado.
More recently, working  in OB/GYN and Pediatrics and have earned a degree from UC San Diego in Lactation Education.  Someday, when I’m done raising my silly teenagers I hope to finish my Masters in Public Health. I am honored and thrilled to be a part of Casa Natal.

Amanda & Dawn Belden-Hope

Certified Clinical Thermographer


Dawn is the CEO/Owner of Thermography Centers, Radiant Health Thermography, Inc. She has studied with Jean Houston and Thich Nhat Hanh, among others, and has co-lead teen retreats in Mindfulness and Awareness, affiliated with UCLA. She enjoys hiking, yoga, meditating, traveling, her husband, Barclay, her family, and living a happy, healthy life.  Dawn is passionate about alternative medicine and utilized it almost exclusively, to great result, with her daughter and son’s neurological and stomach issues.  She feels that because of the pervasive toxicity in the environment resulting in the nearly epidemic numbers of cancer, we must have ways to ameliorate and track the potential harmful effects in our bodies. She also feels passionate about educating her clients about prevention and proactive protocols for health and wellbeing.

Eileen Sendrey

RCST, CMT, Registered Craniosacral Therapist, Massage Therapist

Certified Massage Therapist for over 25 years; Certified Womb Surround Workshop Leader — Pre- & Peri-Natal Educator & Practitioner; works with families during pre-conception, pregnancy, & with infants, children & teens; Facilitates ‘Connected Families’ classes; Private somatic sessions on-line & in person to heal early trauma. She studied & apprenticed with Myrna Martin & Ray Castellino. She will be co-teaching a foundation training for a Pre and Peri-natal Psychology Practitioners with Myrna Martin. A Certified Breema Practitioner & Instructor for 23 years; Whole Birth Yoga Instructor.

Dr. Meghan Kemnec

Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Kemnec is passionate about improving the health of children, mothers, and prospective parents, knowing that the wellness of our children begins with healthy parents before conception. She believes all people can achieve better health and works with you to create a plan specific to meeting personalized health goals for you and your family. Dr. Kemnec empowers patients to be proactive about wellness and make healthy decisions in their daily lives. She teaches you how to take charge of your health and uses natural therapies including botanicals, nutritional supplements, biofeedback, and homeopathy, as well as lifestyle coaching for nutrition, exercise, and sleep to achieve wellbeing.

Dr. Melissa Ko

Doctor of Chiropratic

Dr. Melissa Ko received her Doctorate from Life Chiropractic College West. Her clinical research on chiropractic and fertility has been published in the Journal of Pediatric, Maternal and Family Health. She has participated in 3 humanitarian mission trips, providing chiropractic care to impoverished communities in the Dominican Republic and Cambodia. An East Bay native, Dr. Ko and her family (husband, Brad and baby girl, Lyrielle “Lyra”) live in Morgan Hill.  She enjoys connecting with the local natural moms community and exploring fun, outdoor activities in the Bay Area. A major passion of Dr. Ko is discovering and enjoying good eats and health & wellness destinations around the Bay Area. 

Rebekah Dean



Rebekah loves empowering mothers and mothers-to-be with nutrition and lifestyle foundations to optimize the health of mother and child. She uses science-based information to clear up the rampant confusion surrounding nutrition, especially during preconception, pregnancy and infancy. Her individualized approach helps her clients gain confidence and peace in their nutrition choices. Rebekah is a food first dietitian, believing there is no replacement for the beautifully complex symbiosis of the nutrients in food (not to mention how delicious it is!). However, in our modern culture there are many situations where quality supplements may be an important health optimization tool. She assists clients to navigate the vast world of supplements safely and intentionally. Rebekah’s professional interests also include root cause medicine, women’s health and hormones during reproductive years, the gut microbiome, environmental health, infant feeding and weaning, nutrition during breastfeeding, postpartum support advocacy, and normalizing menstrual cycle education. 


Rebekah began her journey to nutrition when she started cooking and baking at 4 years old. She graduated from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo with a Bachelor’s in Applied Nutrition. She holds a Master’s degree in Nutrition with emphasis on scientific research from Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland). Her elective graduate courses focused on integrative and functional nutrition, biochemistry and metabolism, maternal and pediatric nutrition, and breastfeeding. Rebekah learned from IBCLCs in outpatient, inpatient, NICU, and milk bank settings. She completed her Dietetic Internship at Louis Stokes Cleveland VA Medical Center with pediatric training at University Hospitals (Cleveland). Thereafter, she passed the national Registration Examination for Dietitians. Rebekah worked as a dietitian for the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC). She is a lifelong learner and continues her education in integrative and functional approaches almost daily. You can usually find her desk with 10 tabs of scientific research open and in the middle of 3 health books.