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Casa Natal is pleased to offer regular massages on site. You may choose from prenatal massage, or ongoing massage after baby for both mother and father. Whether it’s a relaxing pregnancy massage, to help with your physical training, or recovering from a sports event or injury, you know you’ll be in the best hands. We are currently offering the following massage services.

​Regular massage during pregnancy can improve circulation, reduce pain, discomfort and swelling, and promote general well being. Massage can help alleviate pregnancy aches and pains, prepare the body for birth, or help it rebalance postpartum.

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My work is based in the recognition that our body is more than muscles, connective tissue, bones and organs. We exist in many layers of physical anatomy, mind, emotions, subtle energy; even further, in connection to living family, our deceased ancestors, local community and nation; and, finally, in relationship with nature, the planet, as a drop in the ocean of totality of existence, in whichever way each of us connects with essence, spirit or intelligence of life.

I recognize that each individual has an inner guidance system to their own optimal health; so in a very practical, commonsense way I support each client by listening receptively to what is needed in each individual session. Through a wide variety of training and practical experience working with clients I continue to gain deeper understanding of the balance needed between stability/strength, fluidity/flexibility and clarity/understanding to support a direction toward health.

Eileen Sendrey, RCST, CMT, Registered Craniosacral Therapist; Certified Massage Therapist for over 25 years; Certified Womb Surround Workshop Leader — Pre- & Peri-Natal Educator & Practitioner; works with families during pre-conception, pregnancy, & with infants, children & teens; Facilitates ‘Connected Families’ classes; Private somatic sessions on-line & in person to heal early trauma. She studied & apprenticed with Myrna Martin & Ray Castellino. She will be co-teaching a foundation training for a Pre and Peri-natal Psychology Practitioners with Myrna Martin. A Certified Breema Practitioner & Instructor for 23 years; Whole Birth Yoga Instructor.
Eileen Sendrey

Eileen Sendrey

Somatic Practitioner