For many pregnant women, lower back pain and hip pain are part of the experience. About 50% of pregnant women will experience some kind of lower back pain at some point. This may be during their pregnancies or during the postpartum period. 

The good news is: relief is possible! There is a way to ease many aches and pains that occur during pregnancy.  Mamas, it is possible for you to have a much more comfortable pregnancy experience. You won’t need to undergo surgery or take drugs. It’s all-natural, it’s healthy for your body, and it’s safe for mom and baby! We’re talking about Chiropractic care. 


Chiropractic care is a type of physical therapy that relieves nerve stress and promotes health throughout the body. It is achieved by using various techniques to realign joints in your spine and skeletal system.

This may be your first time hearing of Chiropractic care for pregnant women. Or you may still be on the edge about this therapy for you. Wherever you stand, this blog aims to convince you that chiropractic care is good for you and your baby.


#1: Chiropractic care can relieve pain in the lower back and hips.

As your pregnancy progresses, you may find yourself experiencing discomfort in your lower back and hips. This can be especially true closer to your due date or if you have other conditions associated with pregnancy.

Chiropractic care can help relieve pain in the lower back and hips by using gentle adjustments.. A chiropractor will also check for misalignments that could cause pain in other areas of the body. 

They will also do adjustments or suggest at home exercises if necessary. These will help relieve pressure on the back, hips and pelvis while being gentle enough for a pregnant woman’s body.


#2: Chiropractic care can ease nausea.

If you’ve ever experienced morning sickness, you know how debilitating nausea can be. Chiropractic care can ease nausea.

When we are out of alignment, it can cause inflammation in our joints and muscles. It also disrupts communication between our brain and body. This leads to pain & discomfort. It can make your body feel like it’s under attack from within—like something foreign has invaded its cells and tissues.

Chiropractors adjust and realign the spine which also restores the nervous system functions. There’s proper communication between nerves again. 


#3: Chiropractic care can make it easier to sleep.

Chiropractic care can help reduce muscle tension and improve circulation so that your body can relax more easily at night. It makes it easier for blood to flow through the body and nourish muscles.

This means less pain and it helps you get into positions that are more conducive to sleep. Making it easier for you to fall asleep faster (and stay asleep).


#4: Chiropractic care can reduce the length of time you’re in labor.

For a natural and noninvasive birth, your baby needs to move into the correct birthing position. That is, rear-facing, head down. The baby’s head should come out first.

When the pelvis is out of alignment, the baby has a higher chance of moving into a breech or posterior position. This leads to a longer, more complicated delivery. 

Chiropractic care during pregnancy may help your baby stay in an optimal position so you can have a natural birth. It can also reduce the length of time you’re in labor.


#5: Chiropractic care can help with postpartum pain. 

The post-partum period may present with different needs . It’s sometimes emotional, but other times it’s also physically challenging. After birth, you may be surprised to find yourself unable to do activities that you used to easily do while pregnant. You may find yourself pushing too hard to have your pre-pregnancy energy back.

It’s important to be patient with yourself. And understand that recovery will take time. But, Chiropractic care can help speed up the process just a bit. It will help you address any misalignment issues that can lead to very serious and chronic conditions for a new mother.

Chiropractors who offer postnatal care are also able to show mothers exercises and techniques for using proper, protective postures and movements when caring for their babies.


The benefits of chiropractic care are large. Pregnant women should consider seeing a chiropractor to prevent aches, pains, and other symptoms. Having regular care while pregnant can be a benefit to expecting women in many different ways. 

Casa Natal is equipped to cater to your pregnancy needs. We’ve partnered with Dr. Melissa Ko, who is a Webster Certified Chiropractor for gentle perinatal care. 

Learn more about this wellness service here: 


Do you have other questions and concerns about your pregnancy? Connect with us today!


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