Why Mom and Baby Need Prenatal Care


Every pregnant woman shares that one desire – for the next nine months to be the healthiest season of their lives. Every woman wishes to have a healthy pregnancy. 


There are so many things expecting mothers can do to keep their bodies in the best shape to deliver a baby. There are home remedies, exercises, and meals that a blooming mama can do for herself. She needs to be taking care of herself and making sure they have the healthiest pregnancy possible. All because a healthy pregnancy promotes a healthy birth.

As much as this journey is about her growing body, a pregnant woman does not have to do this all on her own. 


What is Prenatal Care?

One of the key pillars to a healthy pregnancy is receiving early and regular prenatal care. When you begin to suspect that you are pregnant, prioritize a visit to your midwife to initiate prenatal care within the first trimester. 

Prenatal Care with a midwife differs from the kind of prenatal visit you would get in a hospital setting. This isn’t just about running some tests on you and about five minutes of reading the results. Prenatal Care with a midwife will provide you with the guidance you need for a healthy pregnancy. 


You won’t leave after a prenatal visit confused and uncertain. For one, prenatal care with a midwife will take more time, helping you gain more confidence about your pregnancy by answering all your questions and concerns. Prenatals with a midwife ensure that you receive individualized education and counseling.  

You will get all the information you need to make informed choices about you, your baby, and your body.  


When you choose Casa Natal, your prenatal visit will include the standard pregnancy care:

  • Checking of blood pressure
  • Pulse
  • Baby’s heartbeat
  • Measuring your growing baby
  • Genetic screening
  • Blood tests
  • Ultrasound
  • & lab tests. 


The rest of your prenatal care visit is spent discussing anything you’d like to cover. We can talk about your birth preferences, concerns, fears, or joys. 


Why then do you and your baby need prenatal care? Early and regular prenatal care reduces the risk of complications. And it prevents problems during your labor and delivery. 

An early prenatal provides you with information about your body that might be crucial to your baby’s health. It’s especially important to stick to regular visits if you have a high-risk pregnancy or greater chance of complications. 


No two pregnancies are the same. That’s why it’s important to go over all the essential matters with a trusted healthcare provider. Find an office that you feel the most comfortable with. Choose a support system that you can trust!

Contact us today to book a consultation. 

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